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Consolidated reporting and planning for Microsoft Excel, Xero and QuickBooks




Dynamic, multi-entity, multi-currency reports in a flash

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Management Reporting

Get the consolidated financial statements you need in seconds.  Data is connected, drillable and always up to date.  And because it's inside Excel, you can format your reports however you like.  Every number you see is backed by xpna's secure data warehouse - we don't use Excel as a database.  And because we have all the transactions, you can rapidly drill into the detail for further analysis.

xpna ships with more than a dozen pre-built reports for your standard financial statements.  P&L, Balance Sheet, budget input, KPIs and breakeven analysis are all included, with trend / year-to-date, and rolling scenario options, but if you need a report we don't have a template for, you can use xpna's "Convert to Report" functionality and build them yourself with a single click!  And because xpna supports multi-currency, reports can be consolidated in the currency of your choice.

Fully Customisable Hierarchies

Need to see your chart a certain way?  No problem.  xpna lets you arrange and rename your chart of accounts exactly as you need.

If you've got a hierarchical structure for your tracking options, xpna supports that too.

Finally, for multi-entity businesses, your group structure can be managed the same way, with as many levels of consolidation as you need.

For not-for-profit entities and groups, you can use your own custom terminology and describe your chart as you're used to seeing it.

Consolidations and Eliminations

Have a complex group structure and need to eliminate intercompany transactions? 

xpna allows you to create as many elimination entities as you like, in whatever currency you like, to automatically eliminate intercompany balances.

You can set up account-based rules and to fully automate eliminations, or manually write adjustments in for more control.

If the automated eliminations don't balance for whatever reason, you can choose to balance the elimination entity against an account of your choosing.

The flexibility in reporting means you can show the group at any level, with or without consolidations.

Custom Reports in a Click

Every company is different, so xpna lets you lay out your reports the way you want - just type in text - and then convert it to a report with a single click.

These reports are connected to the underlying data, are always up to date, and you can even drill down to the transaction-level detail with a single click.  

Multi-Entity Mapping

Need to map disparate charts of accounts into one cohesive source of truth?

xpna will automatically map accounts based on code, and tracking category options based on name, but if you need to manage exceptions, re-mapping is as easy as drag-and-drop.

No more mapping worksheets, no more SUMIF functions.


Built for Finance Teams and Accounting Firms Alike

xpna has a wealth of experience in building and deploying 2nd generation CPM tools. We realised that what Accountants and Finance teams really need is a tool to extend the capabilities of Excel, rather than a new tool replicating 20% of its features.

Quick setup

Sign up, connect your cloud-based ERP and you can start building reports and modelling scenarios in minutes.

No professional services required.

Easy to use

The Excel skills you already have, plus a five minute training video will have you building reports in record time.


If you can build it in Excel, xpna supports it.  Consolidate multiple Xero files into a single chart, manage currency conversion, eliminations, create allocations, build what-if scenarios.

"XPNA has made tailored reporting a dream"


Client Manager & Business Advisor

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"Having every sheet in my report pack update in unison seconds after I post a journal is magic"




Bring all your data together

xpna integrates with popular cloud-based accounting software, and we're adding more all the time.  You can consolidate multiple entities from disparate sources into one, fully customisable chart of accounts.

Tracking categories are fully supported.  Each Xero or QuickBooks Online file can have their own set of department, location or tracking category dimensions, or they can share a set.  You can even build multi-level, drillable hierarchies for each of them.

Reports natively support drill-to-transactions, to get a complete transaction listing of the journals making up the report value, and from there, you can drill to the Xero or QuickBooks transaction which created it.

Not just your general ledger

Adding managed datasets has never been easier.  Need a list of personnel for salary planning?  Sure!  List of fixed assets for depreciation? No problem! Contracts? Clients? Inventory? Training? Travel?

xpna lets you upload, manage and curate these data sets, and use them across your planning models.

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